Cycle Clarity gained FDA approval for our artificial intelligence software, Follicle Clarity, in January of 2022 and our platform has continued to grow ever since. With the expansion into many clinics across the United States, the feedback from our valued clients has allowed these continuous enhancements to our platform. Cycle Clarity has launched several new features to edit a patient’s 3D ovarian image right from your computer screen.

Our four new features added are

   – Having the ability to toggle between the raw ultrasound sweep and the masked AI video of the ultrasound

   – Add follicles if needed with perpendicular measurements

   – Add follicles if needed with diagonal measurements

   – Delete follicles if needed with a sidebar editing tool

Our goal at Cycle Clarity is to build a platform with full transparency. For our team, this means allowing your clinical staff to review the images, and add and delete follicles as you see fit. If the clinic feels that any image needs to be edited, all of this data will be reflected in the follicle measurements graphs and will update the predictive algorithm once the changes are saved.

Dr. Schnorr walks us through the new features in a platform demonstration below.

Click “schedule a demo” below our video demonstration to meet with the team to find out more information about the our upgrades!



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