Cycle Clarity 2023 Year in Review


The cornerstone of our belief is that the improvement in clinical care and efficiency needs to start with the accurate and efficient assessment of follicular growth during an ovarian stimulation. By efficiently measuring all of the follicles, the downstream benefits of automated patient communication, stimulation predictions, workload predictions and monitoring patients at a distance can then be performed at the most granular of levels, each and every follicle present in your network.

Through that lens, here are a few highlights from 2023.

  • We focused on increasing the accuracy and speed of follicular ultrasound assessments. Project Lightning was completed in 2023 and allows for more accurate follicular measurements with just 1 in 20 follicles being added or deleted. Results are returned to the clinical team within 40 seconds of the image being acquired. This is quick enough that results and decisions can be made in front of the patient, during the ultrasound examination.

  • A Cycle Clarity DICOM viewer was launched which allows easy visualization of the follicles detected along with digital calipers for measurement 24/7 on any device with an internet connection and web browser. The DICOM viewer has decreased editing times and allowed measurement of not only the ovaries but the uterus (endometrial stripe, fibroids, isthmoceles, etc).

  • With the granular follicular data, the downstream workload assessments over the subsequent week became possible through LabVue. With a 7 day horizon, LabVue can predict on any given day the number of retrievals, oocytes, mature oocytes, oocytes for ICSI, oocytes for standard insemination, number of embryos to be checked, and the number of embryos to be frozen and/or biopsied. These results can be customized to estimate the number of hours per day of ICSI, biopsy time, freeze time, etc.

  • Focusing on giving you choice and working with your current ultrasound equipment, we FDA validated three new ultrasound machine series including the Philips Affiniti Series, Samsung HS40 and Samsung V Series resulting in compatibility with all major ultrasound manufacturers except Canon which will be validated this month.

In 2024 we have plans for continued platform improvement. Platform accuracy will continue to improve through continuous annotation and platform training. We are also rolling out Cycle Clarity Connections with the ability to monitor patients at a distance through the use of ultrasonographers at OBGYN offices across the country.

Through conventional cine sweeps of the ovaries and uterus, encrypted ultrasound transmissions to Cycle Clarity allow for follicular analysis, uterine analysis, approval by the REI, decision making, automated patient communication and incorporation into LabVue at no additional cost to the OBGYN or REI.


Here’s to 2024!

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