Cycle Clarity is Hosting Booth 103 at PCRS!

Cycle Clarity is excited to announce our team will be attending the 72nd Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Annual Meeting in Indian Wells, California from March 20th to March 24th. Dr. John Schnorr, our CEO & Founder, Chadd Clark, our COO, and Caroline Christopher, our Lead Integration Specialist, will host booth 103!


In light of this year’s theme of “Innovation and Integration:

The Future of Reproductive Medicine”, Cycle Clarity has been focusing on exactly that.


For Innovation, Cycle Clarity released Cycle Clarity 5.0 which is the results of an extensive follicle annotation project that has led to increased accuracy and precision in follicle identification. The continued evolution in increased accuracy and precision is one of the many benefits of AI and we have many projects in the pipeline to further enhance the clinical efficiency of Cycle Clarity.


For Integration, Cycle Clarity is now live with Cycle Clarity Connections! Cycle Clarity Connections allows your patients to receive a majority of their care in their hometown. We are partnering with local OBGYN / Imaging Centers through our AI software to send follicular monitoring reports directly to any REI, anywhere in the United States. This process integrates patients into your clinic with full anatomical visualization who currently cannot receive care because they live in a fertility desert.


The Future of Reproductive Medicine is 2 minute monitoring ultrasounds for each patient from any clinic in the United States with 3D technology. We will showcase the ease of the ultrasound by partnering with Samsung – Boston Imaging and provide Cycle Clarity training on the Samsung V6 with a stimulated ovarian phantom. Stop by the booth to learn the button sequence and how easy the image acquisition truly is!



We look forward to seeing you all at booth 103 during PCRS 2023. Follow our LinkedIn account at for live updates at PCRS!

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