Economics of the Fertility World

Peipert, Benjamin J., et al. “Economics of fertility care.” Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America, vol. 50, no. 4, 2023, pp. 721–734, 

In the past few decades, global fertility rates have dropped significantly, with the United States and other developed nations not immune to this trend. This decline in fertility rates poses macroeconomic challenges, including an aging population and potential strain on support programs like Social Security and Medicare. Some countries have tried social benefits and policies like IVF insurance mandates to address this issue.

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In the United States, increased IVF utilization shows promise with roughly 2-3 times more utilization in mandated states than non-mandate states. Moreover, studies suggest that each child born from infertility treatment yields substantial net-tax revenue, making a case for mandated insurance coverage of fertility care. However, it remains uncertain whether these policies can fully counteract deep-rooted socioeconomic and cultural trends. Advocates should emphasize the importance of fertility care beyond economic benefits, focusing on treating infertility as a disease, addressing psychosocial aspects, and promoting gender equality and reproductive justice.


Reproductive Endocrinology, as a distinguished subspecialty of women’s health for over four decades, has demonstrated a notable aptitude for innovation and witnessed significant advancements. Nevertheless, there is a pressing need for technologies to prioritize clinical efficiency and healthcare social equity. Technologies must be focused on increasing access to care to unpinning the various economic and geographical barriers that have shaped the fertility landscape to date.

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