MyCycleClarity, powered by Follicle Clarity, is an artificial intelligence-based platform that delivers real-time measurements of each follicle within the ovary from a 10-second ultrasound. Beyond this, MyCycleClarity provides clinics with a prediction tool that has the ability to calculate the likelihood of an egg in each follicle, the likelihood that the egg will be mature, and will fertilize to become a blastocyst embryo.

“By incorporating data gathered from each of our participating centers into our platform, we can go beyond using estimates collected from literature reviews to provide predictions that capture the nuances of each practice. We’ve demonstrated the ability to reduce the errors in the predictions by over 20% compared to the naive approach.” – Seth Wenchel, AI/ML Research at Penn State University and VP of Data Science, CycleClarity

These calculations are presented to the clinical team to help better understand the reproductive potential of a patient’s treatment cycle and optimal timing of the egg retrieval. The data used to calculate optimum retrieval timing is based upon a per follicle calculation of the likelihood an oocyte is present and mature based on a combination of peer reviewed medical literature and the clinic’s actual experience. The peer reviewed medical literature used for the calculations is presented with the calculations for the clinical team to review. 

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“Over the last decade, estradiol and progesterone concentrations have become less and less helpful in monitoring ovarian stimulations due to the use of GnRH antagonists, GnRH agonist triggers and freeze all cycles. Ultrasound monitoring of follicular growth has become our primary tool to understand the progression of an ovarian stimulation. The problem is that the ultrasound is measuring a 3D structure with a 2D device resulting in measurement variations between the same ultrasonographer of 13% and different ultrasonographers of 20%. We would never accept measurement variation rates of that magnitude in the embryology lab or hormonal assay system. MyCycleClarity was developed to take the inaccuracy and guesswork out of follicular ultrasound monitoring with a 10 second per ovary ultrasound with measurement variations of 1.4% between the same and different ultrasonographers. MyCycleClarity is a disruptive technology that provides increased patient convenience, center efficiency, standardization of follicular measurements and enhanced clinical decision making capabilities”. – Dr. John Schnorr,  Medical Director and Reproductive Endocrinologist at Coastal Fertility Specialists

To further support physicians in their clinical decision making, the software uses the per follicle analysis of all the patients ultrasounded that day and the clinic’s experience to predict the next seven day embryology caseload volume. Clinics are able to predict workflows with known fertilization rates which include how many egg retrievals, number of eggs for ICSI, embryos freezes biopsies and embryo freezes will be performed on each day. 

“I find myself depending on those images more and more because I like to see my patient’s ovaries and the measurements of their follicles. I like the predictor tools, not necessarily to make the decision for me, but to help me feel good that I am making the right decision and helping me in borderline cases”. – Dr. Heather Cook,  Reproductive Endocrinologist at Coastal Fertility Specialists.

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We are a team of physicians, embryologists, computer engineers, data scientists, ultrasonographers, image annotators and biostatisticians dedicated to improving the world of fertility treatment through the application of cognitive computing in healthcare.

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