We Start With Follicular Measurements

MyCycleClarity is a software platform designed to view and quantify image data acquired from 3D transvaginal ultrasound scans. MyCycleClarity is powered by the Follicle Clarity artificial intelligence algorithm that allows for 10 second scans of each ovary, calculates the number and size of follicles, and provides all the data to clinicians in full transparency.

But we don’t stop at follicular measurements. Automating follicular measurements and significantly shortening ultrasound scan times are great benefits but we go beyond. MyCycleClarity provides real time data to your physicians, embryologists and clinical team that has never been available before. Imagine your physicians being able to make trigger decisions not only with complete follicular data but also your embryology lab’s real time workload. 

MyCycleClarity provides powerful predictions displaying the optimal time for oocyte retrieval based on the reproductive potential of each individual follicle within the ovary combined with real time embryology workload graphs displaying the impact of trigger decision on lab staffing. MyCycleClarity AI analytics optimize your fertility center’s workflow, resourcing, and fertility care decision making.

MyCycleClarity is an FDA cleared medical device in the United States and has patent protection in the United States with patents pending across the globe.


Watch MyCycleClarity In Action

Check out a short demo video of MyCycleClarity Portal and schedule your live demo with us!


  • Automated follicular number and size measurements with accuracy equivalent to human measurements
  • Maximum mean diameter of each follicle based on the average of horizontal and vertical dimensions
  • Side by side comparison of recorded ultrasound videos of artificial intelligence follicular measurements and original scan
  • On screen calipers to add and delete follicles
  • Standardization and increased reproducibility of follicle measurement data


  • Follicular growth pattern
  • Optimized retrieval timing based on the patient’s individualized follicular growth rate
  • Real time embrology workload graphing to fully understand the impact of trigger decisions
  • Flexibility in customizing prediction model parameters
  • Option to share anonymized data with Cycle Clarity to improve the accuracy of predictions for your center and contribute to the advancement of fertility care


  • Detailed embryology workflow scheduling and planning
  • Optimized ultrasound machine utilization
  • Follicular measurement data can be sent directly to EMR
  • Reporting by center location, patient, and ultrasound machine
  • Administrative control of all platform users and access levels

Is MyCycleClarity A Good Fit For My Fertility Center?

Here is how you can tell.

  • Clinical and embryology staffing has become expensive and/or challenging.
  • We are looking for ways to run our fertility center more efficiently.
  • We frequently have patients waiting for ultrasound examinations to be performed. Automating follicle measurements would be a great time saver for you and the patients.
  • Shorter ultrasound scans would increase patient comfort and give our staff more time for meaningful interactions and conversations with our patients.
  • We have more than one person performing follicular measurements. Standardizing measurements between ultrasonographers would benefit our patients.
  • Managing multiple locations, staff scheduling, ultrasound machine time optimization, and better fertility outcomes are all high priority goals for us.
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We are a team of physicians, embryologists, computer engineers, data scientists, ultrasonographers, image annotators and biostatisticians dedicated to improving the world of fertility treatment through the application of cognitive computing in healthcare.

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