With adopting new technology in any healthcare field, one of the biggest questions is always, “How does this affect my patients?” Cycle Clarity aims to not only drive efficiency in follicular monitoring for the clinic, but also increase patient satisfaction! Our goal is to reduce discomfort to patients with a more efficient exam while providing a more accurate follicular assessment. The ovarian sweeps allow for transparency with data sharing directly to the patient, keeping them informed throughout their cycle. 

Cycle Clarity partnered with a clinic to understand patient’s perception of traditional monitoring ultrasounds compared to Cycle Clarity,and AI in healthcare. Ultrasonographers completed exams with manual measurements, followed by Cycle Clarity. The survey results speak for themselves. Cycle Clarity will undoubtedly increase patient satisfaction while also improving clinical workflow surrounding monitoring of patients!

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We are a team of physicians, embryologists, computer engineers, data scientists, ultrasonographers, image annotators and biostatisticians dedicated to improving the world of fertility treatment through the application of cognitive computing in healthcare.

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