Physician Testimonial – Dr. Heather Cook

“I have come to depend on Cycle Clarity more and more. I do think the measurements are very accurate, and I find myself often looking at the videos because you feel like you are visualizing the ovary in real time.”

Physician Testimonial – Dr. Mark Leondires

“Cycle Clarity is something that I think will take your practice to the next step. I’m really expecting Cycle Clarity to reduce some of the clinic burden of decision making and allow patients to have a more comfortable scan.”

Ultrasonographer Testimonial

“I can’t imagine doing my job without Cycle Clarity. It’s like having an assistant with you; which everyone enjoys. As a sonographer, I think Cycle Clarity is wonderful and is not replacing our jobs.”

Nurse Practitioner Testimonial

“Cycle Clarity has made my life so much easier compared to manual scans that we have done in the past. This really helps with physician collaboration with being in a satellite office. This works out really well for the patients and the physicians.”

Ultrasonographer Testimonial

“I feel like Cycle Clarity helps with accuracy. We have many sonographers in different sites and we all measure a little differently, but with this platform you know the measurement technique is the same each time. I think this is a breakthrough for our field!”

Patient Testimonials

“Cycle Clarity cut down tremendously on emotional trauma and time of the scan. I would really recommend Cycle Clarity to anyone who was looking to do IVF treatment”

We are a team of physicians, embryologists, computer engineers, data scientists, ultrasonographers, image annotators and biostatisticians dedicated to improving the world of fertility treatment through the application of cognitive computing in healthcare.

Together, we can advance fertility care.

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