After receiving FDA approval on January 19, 2022, a portion of the Cycle Clarity team appeared at The Donor Egg Meeting in Isle of Palms, SC for our first conference. The conference took place April 7th through April 10th where over 250 physicians, nurses, medical assistants, attorneys, mental health professionals, and industry representatives gathered together.   

The main focus of the symposium was to facilitate the discussion around the technology of oocyte donations and third party reproduction in assisted reproductive technology (ART). A few of the speaker topics included embryo donation options, ASRM third party guidelines, managing an FDA inspection, current legal climate in third party reproduction, and many more educational topics given by a set of nationally recognized speakers. 

Our founder, Dr. John Schnorr, spoke to the attendees about new ovarian stimulation options in egg donation. The talk involved the use of Orilissa, a new FDA approved medication for patients with endometriosis. It’s orally available and a recent clinical trial he performed demonstrated benefit in egg donation cycles suppressing ovulation. The second portion of his talk involved his idea of improving patient care through artificial intelligence which led to the start of Cycle Clarity. He shared his story of inspiration from a Wall Street Journal article, the creation of the software in the annotation of over 90,000 follicles, and the validation efforts through clinical trials. Moreover, he spoke to how this has positively benefited Coastal Fertility Specialists, with 18 months of use, in hopes to benefit other clinics and patients around the United States in the near future. A summary of this story can also be found on our “Who We Are” page with his Founder’s Video.

Cycle Clarity Booth

In between speakers, our COO, Chadd Clark, and our Lead Integration Specialist, Caroline Christopher, represented the Cycle Clarity booth to speak with attendees. The team engaged with the meeting guests to further discuss our clinical data, discuss the ease of implementing our software into a practice, and discuss how we can enhance both their practice and their patient’s experience with follicular monitoring. Our team looks forward to working with many new practices across the nation to advance fertility care together.

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We are a team of physicians, embryologists, computer engineers, data scientists, ultrasonographers, image annotators and biostatisticians dedicated to improving the world of fertility treatment through the application of cognitive computing in healthcare.

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