Who We Are

We believe in advancing fertility care together.

Our technology is developed by physicians for physicians. Inspiration for Cycle Clarity came to our founder, Dr. John Schnorr, when he realized that with the use of GnRH antagonist, GnRH agonist triggers and freeze all cycles, hormonal assessments of ovarian simulations have become less relevant. As a result, ovarian stimulation decisions are increasingly being made by time consuming ultrasound measurements of 3 dimensional follicles with 2 dimension ultrasound measurements which have inter-observer error rates of 15 to 20%.

And so Follicle Clarity was born and formed the core technology that powers MyCycleClarity platform’s predictive analytics.

Our team of physicians, computer engineers, data scientists, biomedical engineers, ultrasonographers, and biostatisticians are committed to helping fertility centers around the world to support improved fertility outcomes together.

Founders Video – Dr. Schnorr


John Schnorr, MD

CEO and Founder

Susan Schnorr


Caroline Christopher

Lead Integration Specialist

Jack McElhinney

Senior Engineer

Paul McElhinney

Paul McElhinney


Chadd Clark


Seth Wenchel

Director of AI

Sharon Roberts, MLT II

Director of Ultrasound


Our purpose at Cycle Clarity is to improve reproductive healthcare around the world through the use of cognitive computing – one center, one patient, one visit at a time.


We are committed to building a software platform focused by vision, ownership mentality, doing what’s right, creating long term value without compromise in a kind, transparent, team based approach.

Our Vision

Provide each fertility center with the world’s experience in reproductive endocrinology care.

Cycle Clarity World Map

We are a team of physicians, computer engineers, data scientists, ultrasonographers, image annotators and biostatisticians dedicated to improving the world of fertility treatment through the application of cognitive computing in healthcare.

Together, we can advance fertility care.

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